Monday, August 16, 2010


I can not believe Landon is in Kindergarten!!!!! He was SOOO excited this morning! While eating breakfast he kept saying "This is going to be so much fun". He makes me so proud. He is not afraid to do anything and school is one of his favorite things!!! I told him that I might cry today and wanted to know why. I explained to him that he is getting bigger and it makes mommy sad and happy at the same time. He said "please do not cry in the classroom, people will think you are silly" I didn't cry though:) I know he will have such an awesome year. I feel so comfortable leaving him at a school that I trust so much and know that he is getting an awesome education and learning about our faith. Here are some pictures from this morning.
Big Boy!
So sweet!

Loves his Batman backpack!

"My Bubba is going to be where all day??!?!?"

Putting away his lunch box!

Getting ready to start his day.

Class fish

Class bunny, Butterscotch.

Landon and his friend Dani.

Landon's kindergarten teacher sent him a little school bus in the mail about a week before school started and told him to draw what he wanted to learn in kindergarten this year. He loved doing this! He has so many things he is excited to learn about!

(starting from top left: rockets, weather, read, tornadoes, volcanoes, planets, dinosaurs, and math- or to count to 1,000!) I thought he did such a great job and will save this picture forever!
I can not wait to hear about his first day!!!!! I missed my little guy today!


  1. He did so good on his picture!!!! Love that boy :)

  2. Love his picture. Definitely a keepsake! Looks like he's in store for a fun year at All Saints.