Thursday, August 12, 2010

Macee's 15 month check up

Macee is 15 months!!! She DID NOT like the dr.'s office this time! It was the first time she was been very scared! She didnt have to get shots but she cried so hard when they tried to weigh her!!! I knew that is going to be a rough visit after that melt down!!!! We saw the lady dr. this time and I think next time I will make sure she sees Dr. Knippers and see if that helps. The lady is so nice, but Knippers kinda looks like my dad and Marc's dad a little so maybe she will warm up to him better! She loved playing with the penguins in our room.
Having a little snack to pass the time!
Penguin love!!

sooo silly!!!

Sooo sweet!!!
She weighed 23 lbs- 53%
height 31.5 in- 67%
her head was in the 95% ( to fit her big brain, of course:)
They said she looked great!!! They did watch her walk for awhile and said that "it was okay for now"..... they will keep their eye on it. Macee has a bit of a hip twist when she walks. I think it is the cutest little booty shakin' walk I have ever seen, but she does twist at the hips a little. She will probably out grow it. I guess that's why Landon says "Macee girl, where you think your goin' with your hips a shackin', it is adorable when he says that to her!!!!

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