Friday, November 6, 2009

Zoo Friends!

Landon didn't have school on Friday so we went to the zoo with a friend from his class and her parents. Landon had a great time, it was a BEAUTIFUL day out. Macee was so sweet all day, she loved riding around in her stroller and enjoyed her occasional naps. At one point we looked at her and she had pulled her headband and bow down over her eyes and fell asleep!! It was so funny. The little girl from Landon's class that we went with is very special to him. He talks about her alot and enjoys being around her. I know she must feel the same because she came up to me at the zoo and said, "Landon is my boyfriend and we are getting married someday, so that will make you my grandma". I said "GRANDMA" and she said "oh I mean mother-in-law". She is such a cutie!!!

Sleeping beauty, after she pulled her headband and bow off!
Enjoying the fall leaves

Best Friends

Train ride


  1. So fun! Macee's hair looks dark i that pic... She's so sweet!!!

  2. Grandma...ha!!! Well, okay grandma...lovin' the pics, lovin' Landon and his little girl friend...macee is so cute! Keep 'em coming!