Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

We had a great Halloween. All of the kids grandparents came to see them and take pictures before we headed out with our great group of neighbors. Landon and his cousin Ben were like little speed demons, running as fast as they could from house to house. Landon is so funny, he would talk to the people when they answered the door and would let them know that we had a big group and to wait for his friends to come get there candy. He was also very excited about handing out candy to the "big kids" who still get to trick or treat once we are back at home. He ate about 4-5 pieces of candy last night and hasn't asked about since and he probably won't. He is just not into candy. Macee was dressed as a little flower. She was the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! She just sat in the grass and smiled as about 4 cameras flashed around her. Landon even loved taking pictures of her on his camera!!!
So stinking CUTE!!!!
She is so lucky to have him :)

Captain Hook

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  1. I LOVE the pictures! That Macee is about the sweetest thing in her costume and what a great big bro Landon is! You all are SO LUCKY to have eachother! Cute family of four!