Saturday, September 12, 2009

Landon's First Soccer Game!

Landon has started playing U5 soccer and he loves it! His team is called the Grasshoppers. They don't keep score this young, but man is it exciting!!! Marc was making fun of me for cheering to loud and get to nervous when Landon would get close to scoring. He did score a goal and he did recieve the "GAME BALL" needless to say I was thrilled!!!! When the coach awarded it to him he grabbed it and walked away so quickly, he was embarrassed and proud at the same time. He couldn't stop smiling the whole way home :) He was so aggressive and such a good team player, when one of his teammates fell down he stopped and helped him up, it was so sweet!!! Marc was home to see this great game. Mamaw and Bumpa also came out to support our little star. Sissy was there and she better get used to watching bubba play sports!!

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  1. YAY for the Flushe Four! I will now blogstalk you so beware! Love the pictures...keep 'em coming!