Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last night Landon took his flip flops off in the back yard. - something he will NEVER do again I hope!!! He chased a ball across the yard and ran across the top of our sandbox, which as a wooden lid. I heard him screaming from the front yard!! He was in alot of pain and cried most of the night. I think he was mostly scared about how they were gonna come out. I tried to get some out and was only able to get the biggest one out. This morning he could barely walk so we went to the Dr. On the way there he counted all of them and said there was 47!!! Most of them were on the same foot, just a few were on the other foot. You can only see the big ones in the picture, it really doesnt do it justice, until you see it in person and see all the tiny ones all over also.

OUCH!!! Macee of course came along for the fun.
I was trying to keep her entertained. We were back in the little room for almost 2 hours!!!!!! I was going INSANE!!!!!!!!! Don't tell anyone, but I think she may have ate 6 or 7 dum dums in that time frame!!!!
Its never good when your Pediatrician says "Oh My God" when he looks at you. Then all the nurses came in one by one to check out the damage!! Ha!!! They put some numbing gel on it and let that sit for awhile. Once they thought it was numb, they "rallied the troops" as his DR. said and they went to work!
At one point we had 3 nurses and the Dr. in our room helping. Landon did soooooo good!!! It really started to hurt towards the last 5-6 splinters, cause the numbing gel was wearing off. He clenched his fist so tight- (notice his white knuckles) and took lots of deep breathes but never cried!!! He was so tough and brave!!! Dr. Knippers was so proud of him for being so still and tough. They put all the splinters on a piece of gauze and showed the other staff members! I think he broke some kind of record! HA!

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