Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a great Easter Weekend. After church on Sunday we went over to may parents house for an Easter Egg Hunt inside since it rained all day long. The kids didn't mind looking for eggs in the house:)

Macee was in a great mood all day, but for some reason she would NOT smile for the camera!!!!

I LOVED her dress!!!! She looked so sweet in it.

Landon looked pretty handsome if I do say so;)

Looking in their baskets from grandma and grandpa! Landon must have something pretty cool in his!! HAHA!

Grandma and Grandpa with the 3 kiddos

Macee was excited to get some Minnie jammies in her basket!!! That girl would live in her jammies if I let her!!! She will go into her room in the middle of the day and change into her PJ's!

Landon opening his basket from the Easter Bunny before church on Sunday morning. (my pics are in backwards order)

Macee on Easter morning. My kids both have the funniest bed head every morning.

On Saturday we went to John and Beth's for an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner also. Macee LOVES candy!!!!!

Hunting for EGGS!

She loved looking for eggs and would get excited over each egg she found. Then of course she wanted to eat what was inside right then!

Grandma Beth was reading Macee her new book.

She loved her bunny they got her also. Landon got a Star Wars book and loved it, of course:)

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