Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

We are getting in the Christmas spirit here at the Flusche household!
We made our sugar cookies and let the kids help with the decorating. Macee helped with the tasting more so then the decorating!

She was licking the frosting off her cookie and loving every minute of it!!!

6 dozen sugar cookies later!

We sat and froze our bottoms off at the Christmas parade last Saturday!!

Uncle Matt and Ben enjoyed the parade as well!

Gingerbread House time!!!! If any of you remember from last year...... it was a NIGHTMARE!!! Our roof broke and we made one out of cardboard and it was such a pain!!! This year we were SOOOOOO excited to open our kit and find our house already assembled!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! It was the best gingerbread kit I have ever bought!!! ha!!!!
Landon remembered the hassle of last years, and he too was thrilled!

The fun part, decorating!

Marc started getting a little carried away with the frosting...

Finished product! It wouldn't be a Flusche Gingerbread House if it didn't look like........hmmmmm, let's go with festive!

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