Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Landon had a great time at his birthday party at the children's museum. By the looks of the kiddos in this picture, I think they played HARD!
Landon and two of his best buddies from school.
Opening presents!!!

Make a Wish!!!!

The birthday boy gets to go in a money machine for one minute. There is pretend money in it and then the worker added 10 $1 dollar bills and 2 $5 dollar bills. She told Landon to only grab the real money. He did awesome!! He found 4 $1 and 1 $5 for a grand total of $9!!!

Having some pizza and cake!

Little Sarah loved the grocery store part of the museum, she played in there so long!!

Landon on the rock wall!!!

Landon and Abigail

He also had a party at home with his family. He loved this space station!

Red Light Saber from Uncle AJ!!!

Madden was there for the fun!

Sissy loved all the party excitment!

Little Ham:)

More presents!!!

Making another wish!!! What a great week full of birthday fun!!!!

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