Tuesday, June 22, 2010

VBS.... Stage Pass!

Landon is attending VBS this week. This is his third year at VBS and he LOVES it!!!!! He told me this morning that who ever made VBS only five days needs to rethink that for next year! HA! The music program is AWESOME!!! We always buy the CD on Friday and listen to it over and over in the car! They go to music everyday and one person from each class is given a Stage Pass. They give it to kids who sing all the songs and do the motions with them. Then at the end of the day the children with Stage Pass' get to go up on stage and sing with the music teachers. Landon was talking about wanting a Stage Pass last week before VBS even started! He remembered them from last year. So today when I went to pick him up I saw him on stage and new it had made his day or week for that matter!!! He was so proud and as we were walking out to the car I hear him say... " I wonder if anyone has ever gotten TWO stage passes in one week???" Oh Geez;)

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