Friday, June 18, 2010

Miss Macee

Macee has had a rough couple weeks with her molars coming in. I think we are finally over the worst of it, that is until the rest come in!!!!
She sat in her chair and sucked on a teething ring for about 30 minutes last week.
Poor Baby! She got all the other fun stuff that comes with her teething, runny nose, cough, and diareha. We had quite an experience the other day at Wendy's that involved a TON of wipes, a trip home for a quick bath and wardrobe change! YUCK!!!!!!!

She loves going to the pool!

She has always loved her sleep and been cuddly when she gets sleepy. She will just crawl around and lay her head on anything for a few seconds and then just get up and start playing again. It is so sweet to watch.

She loves her musical toys.

And of course the remotes!!!

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