Monday, December 26, 2011

Landon turns 7!

Landon had a baseball/Cardinals birthday party this year. Surprise surprise! HA! We had the neighbor girls over and family. We wanted to get a baseball pinata and all they had was a Texas Rangers one, so Marc bought it and said we could beat the crud out of them again! HA!!!

He had a great party. He was just really low key about it this year. He wanted a party at home and he really didn't even want friends to come! I invited some anyway! He just wanted to get toys!!!! I guess it's his age, maybe... We didn't mind, it was a fun and relaxing party with good friends and family. Landon has really grown up alot between the age of 6-7. He is interested in baseball, basketball, legos, karate, Angry bird, and Big Time Rush.

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