Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's been a long time!

It has been WAY to long since I last blogged!!! I have hardly even taken any pictures!!! ALL my free time has been dedicated to my classroom!!!! I have been laminating, cutting, planning, reading, and cutting some more for about a month or so every night!!! I am SOOOO excited about teaching again!!!!!!!! My first grade team is amazing! I could not have dreamed of a better group of ladies to work with! Landon and I both are so excited to start our new adventure at Park Lane!!! Macee has started her first week at Ms. Tammy's house. She had a great first day, day 2 was a little hard, and day 3 and 4 have been great!!! She is doing awesome with her potty training and has only had 1 accident in 5 days!!! WAHOOOOOOOO! I am so proud of her:) Well, I am going to just add some pics from the last month!

These are NOT 4th of July pics!!! My grandma- Dad's mom- was in town with my aunt and uncle for a week in early August. My gma was turning 87 and she LOVES anything red, white, and blue so we had a surprise party for her. It was alot of fun!!!
Happy 87th birthday Grandma!

We all dressed in our USA colors:)

Pretty Mamaw and Macee!

My twin besties turned 30 in July!!!! Love them to death! Martha(right) is 7 months pregnant with her 2nd:)

My other very close friend had her bachlorette party in Austin!!! It was a GREAT weekend!!!!

Marc and I had a fun date night the other night with his brother Luke and his fiance Laura:) I finally got to see Bridesmaids!!!!! Hillarious!!!!!

I will try not to wait so long before I blog again, but I can't make any promises!!!!!! It is pretty busy at the Flusche household these days!!!!

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