Monday, March 14, 2011

My Mace:)

My last few posts have been mostly about Landon, so I wanted to add some pics of Macee. She is just A TON of fun lately!!!!
She is talking more and more and just showing her sweet and funny little personality so much!!
Macee loves playing Tozzle and Landon loves playing Angry Bird on our phones.
This is what Macee does sometimes while I am getting ready in the mornings. :) She also likes to play in my make up and put lotion on herself:)

I just loved her in this outifit the other day!!

So pretty!!!

We have been going to parks alot lately. She loves to swing, slide, and explore. She has no fears when she is playing.

Sweet baby girl.

I love pictures of them like this.


  1. she's just the sweetest thing!!! love her!

  2. you look so cute at the park. Macee looks so cute in the sink :)
    glad u had fun in Branson. What hotel did u stay at? would u recommend it? clean and nice?