Friday, October 9, 2009


Landon's school had their annual school fundraiser. Landon earned a medal last year and that is all he could talk about for weeks. So needless to say he had to win won again this year. He knows that the person who runs the most laps gets a medal at the assembly in front of the whole school. He is so competitive!!! (I don't know where he gets that:)) So Thursday at school he ran his little heart out. After about 10 minutes he said "I am so hot and tired, but I can't stop cause I have to get a medal" He ran the whole 20 minutes and ran a total of 45 laps!!!!!! His little face was so red, I was getting a little worried at one point about him getting sick. So anyway we will have to wait a few weeks until and awards assembly to see if he won a medal or not. I keep reminding him it doesn't matter as long as he had fun, which I know he did!!


  1. Okay, Landon cracks me up...I love his spunk and competitiveness!!! I hope he plays for the BA tigers varsity soccer team :)